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Thank you for nearly a decade of fitness and fun. Keep Moving!

Photographs by Brad Rudacille 

Jan Cline

Certified Personal Trainer 
National Academy of Sports Medicine

In some ways, I feel I showed up late to this game; but it's never too late to start, right? I wasn't a sports athlete in high school but I was an active teen, and I had physically active jobs throughout my twenties. Really, until I reached my 40s, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted and naturally worked it off. I exercised some, but never took it too seriously. I wasn't built, but I felt fit enough and looked OK. At 40 I started to notice differences; body/back aches, decreased energy, and I started to gain weight although I wasn't eating more. Sound familiar?

Now I know that fitness is part of every day life. It can be functional, rapid and require endurance. To get fit and to stay fit, you have to move every day. To stay in your best physical shape, you have to challenge yourself every day. To remain mobile and enjoy the richness of life throughout your years, you have to exercise every day. 

My Path to Fitness Began with my First Trainer

Working out and fitness has become a way of life for me; I have to do it every day.  It can be that way for you, too - if it isn't already. These days I feel sluggish if I don't workout or exercise every day, but it wasn't always like this. My relationship with regular workouts began at 40 years old. I was overweight, newly single and in no shape to impress anyone, least of all myself. So I joined a gym and hired a trainer. 


That trainer taught me the importance of doing something everyday to benefit my health and fitness. Some days I can only find time to walk or do some ab exercises - I call those 25% effort days. Other days it's a 100% full on workout in the gym.

The point is to do something that challenges you each day - you'll feel better and look better.  Whether you are new to regular exercise, thinking about regularly working out, or have been lifting for years, I can help you reach your goals as they continue to change over the years.   

My first trainer changed my life; let me help you change yours.

Functional Fitness as a Way of Life

Now I know that fitness is part of everyday life.  It's not just about being able to lift a barbell; it's about being able to lift your grandchild.  It's not just about running a marathon; it's about being able to run with your dog at the park.  

To remain mobile and enjoy the richness of life throughout your years, you have to exercise every day. 

Keep Moving!